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We formed the firm in March of 2017 to bring our knowledge and experience as former “big firm” lawyers to a boutique law firm setting, where we can provide the same level of sophistication, expertise, and reliable service to our clients in a more flexible and cost-conscious manner. As a firm and individually, we value our people—our clients, our employees, our business partners, and our communities.

Our commitment to creating a big-firm alternative serves our clients well. With deep experience in business litigation, real estate, commercial lending, environmental and land use law, employment law, employee health & safety and related areas, we offer cross-functional talent without the silos that often hamper lawyers at big firms. We are agile and readily equipped to respond to our clients’ needs and craft effective and efficient solutions for them.

At CGD, we strive to cultivate an environment where people care about what they do, where they work, and with whom they work. We invest in our people because they are the foundation of the firm, the reason we are able to deliver excellence to our clients, and the essential drivers to our success. And ultimately, a happy lawyer is a productive lawyer.

Rachelle Green, Member at CGD Providence Law Firm RI

Rachelle R. Green


Diana Ducharme, Member at CGD Providence Law Firm RI

Diana M. Ducharme


Darlene A. C. DeRosa, Counsel at CGD Providence Law Firm RI

Darlene A. C. DeRosa

Of Counsel

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